UI/UX designer is a person who is responsible for strategizing, organizing, and executing an interface that accomplishes company’s business goals. Depending on the team, this might include any combination of the following deliverables:


UI and UX design have that distinct cross-disciplinary character that makes it hard to have a single, solid definition. The UI is what people use to interact with your product, and the UX is how they feel while they do. UX is a process, UI is a deliverable.


User Experience Design starts with a solid understanding of your user-base, generating ‘personas’ for the dominant character types within your user-base, then setting specific requirements for the project at hand. User Interface Design is the actual design of the interfaces that would best facilitate for great, seamless, pleasurable and rewarding interaction between the user and your product.

It’s not possible to be a good UI designer without having a grasp on what UX is.

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Last updated: March 4, 2018