If you don’t have a problem solving mind then don’t become an Engineer

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I am Shahid, an engineer, blogger and a published author. Currently working as as senior software engineer and my job is to design and develop scalable distributed systems.


I don’t like to classify myself as a “Software Engineer” or any domain specific engineer. Engineer is someone who solve the existing problem by inventing or reinventing something. This can involve software, hardware, physics, maths or anything. To everyone out there, never restrict yourself with particular domain or technology, there are too much to learn out there. Remember Elon Musk, who is the founder of Paypal and now owns rocket based company and automobile too.


What motivated you to become a Software Engineer?

My dad wanted me to become a doctor, because he is influenced by doctors. But, I always wanted to be an engineer.

I chose computers as a tool to create what is going on in my head. Being someone who love to create stuffs, computers provided me the best way to do that.

I started programming in high school and joined for diploma, right after high school. After diploma I joined the college to finish my degree in Engineering.


What is your typical day like?

I try to wake up early to offer the morning prayer. I write for an hour if not feeling sleepy then leave for work. My role in the current company is to create and manage the distributed and highly scalable system in best possible way. Here is desk at my workplace.


workplace of software engineer


I leave office in the evening and head to gym for my workout. At the gym workout quite intense and try to eat healthy and protein rich diet. I work for an hour or two at night then go to bed.


What steps did you take to build the CODEFORGEEK from scratch?

VALUE. I provide value to my readers through my content. I don’t rush to create content on daily or weekly basis and I publish valuable and amazing articles which helps people.


How is the actual career different from what you initially thought about it?

Thanks to my network, I had exact idea how the professional life will look like, right before I started my career. I wish I knew more about writing quality code and not following standard rules. But I don’t have any regrets.


What things would you do differently in preparing for this career?


What do you love about your current role?

It’s the constant change and learning experience. PayScale is very good and the culture is quite friendly. Above all, made some good friends here.


What are the challenges you face in your career?

It’s when you have to do shitty work due to time constraint.


How do you earn from your website?

Earnings are not constant, but on average $500-$600 (Rs.35000/-) per month. You can create quality content and brand, then put contextual ads like Adsense. There are people who will pay you for posting their product’s review. Do that only if the product is relevant to users of your blog. Never compromise quality over money.


degree course after 12th does not determine your salary


What sort of experiences helped prepare you most?

The main experience which helps me to prepare for the professional life or life for matter is being ready to fail. There is no shame if you fail, at least you tried. I always believe in trying things and not to be afraid of failure.


What are the skills required to be an Engineer?

To be any kind of engineer you need a problem solving mind. You should look around in your home, neighbourhood and try to see things from the Engineer’s point of view who made it. Try to come up with better solutions.

Communication and presentation skills are very important. You need to be an excellent presenter and always be sure about what you are presenting. Marks and grades comes at the end, they are important but not much.


Being an engineer you should be ready to accept any challenge and do anything if required. Don’t be a guy who only knows how to write code but can’t cook a simple cereal meal.


What do you think potential recruiters look for in a fresh Software Engineer?

My company hired me because of the demo I made for them. Recruiters looks for your grades or certifications if you are a fresher. If you are experienced then all it matters is the work and projects you have done in the past.


What do you think everyone leaving higher secondary school should know?

Mosts students choose Engineering because of parent’s pressure. Kids often do this mistake of thinking that if they didn’t make it in the Engineering degree course then life is over!

Always distinct your passion with attraction. I loved the aerodynamics and wanted to be an astronaut when in school but hey that was attraction. It fades away.



If you have a problem solving mind then only become an Engineer.

Students should know that your grades in high school doesn’t matter in Engineering. You scored full A+?, great, but that does not mean you will do great in your Engineering course.


Any recommended resources for aspiring Software Engineers?


Any final thoughts?

Solve problems and always have constructive thinking.


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