How do I know if a career in journalism is for me?

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How do I know if a career in journalism is for me?

Journalism is an instinct. It’s a passion for something to investigate and present it before society. It’s a total creative obsession. If you are ready to accept all the praises as well as stone pelting by society, ready to get mobbed and work 24*7, you are welcome to be a journalist. No one creates a journalist, rather it’s more like a self-nourishment. Enter into multimedia journalism, if you are confident to handle technology along with news. Study and research hard. Get enlightened and show others the path and fact. That’s journalism, aboard if you are willing to!


What things would you do differently in preparing for this career?

This age of advanced matrix and fast forward technology will certainly help the aspiring multimedia journalists. In order to prepare for this career, I would:

  • keep my presence on social media (for the sake of my career).
  • test myself by vocational counsellor, who will help me to decide my exact liking in media.
  • do podcast and vlogs. If possible other options to reach more people.
  • do citizen journalist stories and contribute to media orgs.
  • take specific training in editing techniques, camera operations, techniques to write & edit articles, books, news stories etc.
  • follow professional journalists on social media.
  • read more scholarly books to develop my thoughts on my subject of interest.
  • develop my writing and communication skills.
  • try to attend workshops and seminars where experts talk.
  • do internships.


What do you think potential recruiters look for in a multimedia journalist?

You should have good:

  • communication and listening skills.
  • organization skills.
  • storytelling skills, which will help you to be a good host/anchor.
  • pro-research approach
  • analytical mind
  • ability to pick up important detail from the happenings.
  • quick learner of languages.


What are the skills and education required to be a Multimedia Journalist?

Education : Graduation in Mass Media and Communication should be the priority if one wants to be a journalist. A short course from acclaimed media institute will also help. Learning subjects like Psychology, Sociology, Political science, Environmental Science, Human Rights, Communication, Labor Laws etc., will be helpful.

Skills : There are some critical factors which are required for working in media and will make you successful in the field of journalism. They are:

  • Excellent presentation techniques
  • Decision making
  • Effective communication
  • Knowledge of advanced technology

One should always be a quick learner, adaptive to technology, wiling to travel and work in shifts or on any sudden call. As well as be capable of researching and presenting new topics with new angle within the story. Also learn technical skills like camera operations, video editing, etc.

If you passionately love any of these mediums – radio, television, web or mobile apps, you will love working as a journalist. After graduation one can opt for degree or diploma in Journalism. Certainly you must have passion for creativity to adhere as a journalist.


Any recommended resources for aspiring Multimedia Journalist?

Follow all the web/digital editions of every prominent media group from each country apart from some well-known international media organizations. Observe how they maintain their websites and digital apps. Follow their updates.


How can someone start preparing to become a good Journalist?

During your college days, start communicating with students and people around. You can write for college magazine or any other magazines. You can start blogging in the interested area.

One should read vigorously and try to memorize the important events and their follow-ups. You can start learning techniques required for journalism such as interviewing, learning languages, practice speaking like any RJ/VJ or news anchor, etc.


You can read how Vishakha Shirke became a Multimedia Journalist here.


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