Should you follow your passion?

16 May comments

You should follow your passion and get good at it.

But why do many people who follow their passion fail? It is because many people who follow their passion are lazy when it comes to real work. If you say you are interested in arts and don’t have a portfolio worth sharing, nobody will hire you. For instance, if you are not a good chef, who do you think will hire you?

A lazy Engineer can still find a job that pays. But a lazy artist won’t be able to do that.

Some of you may not be confident about your passion as you think you are not good enough. That is okay. You don’t have to be a great artist now. But you should be ready to work hard to become great. Dreaming for something and making it happen is totally different. If you cannot take the pain don’t take the risk. Follow your passion can be a dangerous career advice, if you are not ready to work hard.