Indian parents & teachers, open your eyes and see what have you done

01 Jun comments

I started my day reading this “Cows exhale oxygen, absorb cosmic energy, home to gods: Rajasthan HC judge

It is really terrifying that someone so ignorant was able to become a High Court judge in our India. This is not a rare incident. Who made it happen? Did we? Yes, we did, nobody else. And due to this our future generation is ready to get the new knowledge, cows exhale oxygen, peacocks reproduce from tears, and lot more to come.

Our parents asked us to get good grades and choose Engineering or Medicine. Teachers taught us to study hard and get good grades. Our society asked us how many A+s did we get? Colleges asked for the marks percentage. GRADES…GRADES…Everybody are concerned about grades. What is our society going to do with the grades, when the head is an empty vessel?

All the bright minds regardless of their interests became Engineers and Doctors. When they realized India is not giving them enough opportunities, they went abroad and build great products and companies. Then the not so bright ones became teachers and took government jobs. And do you really expect them to bring great changes in this country?


Why we need good and sensible teachers at our schools?

This is a recent conversation between me and a Physics Professor.


Me : What are the various career options for a Physics graduate now?

Her : You can go for teaching. There are lots of openings. You just need to clear NET exam and your life will be set. No more tension and pressure.

Me : What are the other options?

Her : What other options you want? There is nothing.


There is more to it, long story short: She doesn’t even think teaching skills are important to become a teacher. A physics professor is teaching her students just to produce more teachers. How pathetic? Yes, we need good teachers, but what is the point of producing more teachers who doesn’t know a thing outside our outdated curriculum. Okay, I am purely generalizing here, but I am speaking about the majority here. And yes, India is progressing, we do have many great teachers, but we can do a lot better. A lot better.

You think there is no connection between all these and his statement? You are so wrong.


The Message

Our parents just gave us two options and the ignorant us choose one. Why our society is not permitting us to know about reality and explore more career options? To all the Engineers out there, who doesn’t really like what you are doing right now, switch your careers. Engineering degree coursework sure gave you a lot of transferable skills. Work on something you actually like and bring great changes. Teenagers out there who are still exploring their career options, a career in law is not a bad idea. It will take time to earn, but if you truly like it, you will earn good money eventually and you will be happy. Moreover we can make sure these kind of people does not become judges and spoil our lives.


teachers don't get paid much but joy student success biggest pay jayanth
Feel the joy of a student’s success.


The most unrecognized people – teachers. If you know any teacher who is deserved to be recognized, let us know in the comments or reach out to us.