Skills and Education required to be a Data Science & Analytics Recruiter

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Data Science & Analytics Recruitment specialist kalrav says I believe that every job has pros and cons but you need to accept it to achieve higher goals.

I am Kalrav Pathak, an ardent and a keen learner. A very good quality that I possess is that I easily accept my failures and negative points. In a nutshell, my objective is to grow in the future and help the society by showcasing my entrepreneurial skills.

I’m working as a specialized senior recruitment professional providing support to the USA in-house and consulting clients in Data Science and Analytics recruitment and staffing needs. My core responsibilities includes:-

Data Science and Analytics recruitment for consulting and in-house analytics firms

Training and Development; Mentor Analytics Team

Employee Engagement Activities

Campus Recruitment Drive


Who is Data Science & Analytics Recruiter?

Well, whether IT or Non-IT, a recruiter is always considered as helping hand for professionals seeking job and fresh grads entering the corporate world. Data Science & Analytics is new field that has emerged a decade and half back but has boosted in last few years and currently is on the peak.

Data Science & Analytics recruiter is not different from IT or Non-IT recruiter but their characteristics, knowledge, understanding and behavior distinct them from regular recruiters.

In a nutshell, a recruiter’s responsibilities include:

  • gathering requirements from client(s)
  • understand needs and prioritize the needs based on criticality and urgency
  • source professionals, screens them, submit to client
  • assist in interview process and helps in on-boarding

Further, he also engages with these professionals on regular interval to maintain healthy and continuous relationship. I would comment that every recruiter possess bunch of unique skill-sets and that define his work and performance.


How it all got started for you? Why Human Resource Management?

I always wanted to be the HR professional since my college days, as I believed that this is the area where my expertise lies in and it suits my nature as well. Hence, a degree in commerce was essential for me to have exposure to business management skills and gain knowledge in HRM. Later, I decided to pursue MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management to enhance my knowledge and polish my skills through practical projects and internships.

As HRM is highly competitive field and the demand is always greater than supply, it was necessary to kick start my career. I was placed through my Campus Recruitment in an USA based Social Enterprise, but that did not give me a proper exposure to the HRM. Hence, I decided to move on and got into US Recruitment specifically into Data Science & Analytics field which I found quite unique compared to other IT and Non-IT recruitment jobs.


What are your specific activities?

My typical work schedule for the day includes:

  • Recruitment Lifecycle for Data Science and Analytics staffing and recruitment needs for consulting and in-house analytics firms.

Gather requirements from client(s)

Understand hiring needs and prioritize them based on criticality and urgency

Source professionals through LinkedIn professional network and other job portals

Screen and connect with professionals to discuss regarding opportunity in detail

Present Data Science & Analytics professionals to client(s)

Assist them in interview process

Help in on-boarding process

  • I always engage with my connections to maintain healthy relationship
  • My role also involves Training and Development of subordinates and also mentoring them.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Being an active member of an Employee Engagement Committee for our organization.
  • Visit universities and colleges for Campus Recruitment Drive


Why do you think your current company hired you?

My educational background, skills and knowledge regarding Data Science & Analytics industry made me a right candidate for this opportunity. I was also specialized in Productions and Operations Management with HRM during my MBA and that gave me practical exposure to different Statistical and Analytical skills and techniques.


What did you learn about the career after you started your career?

Your attitude towards your life and work defines your career. I have always dreamt to be HR professional and currently I am in the field. It always had been my choice.

The corporate world is always different from bookish knowledge. You come across circumstances and situations that can never be learnt or experienced from books. But it always adds value to your knowledge when you learn from books. Therefore, learn key elements of implementations from books. In my case, as I was well aware of the difference, I did not find any surprising elements.


What do you love about your current role?

I love everything about my role, work, pay, work culture, location, clients, colleagues, superiors, company, activities, etc. To top the list I have a “Challenging Environment”. It always delights me and asks me to keep up with the challenges. These challenges make me learn new things every time. I sometime have to stay back late to provide support to specific requirements from our clients, but it is always for my benefit therefore I enjoy it.


What are the challenges you face in your career?

There are always two sides of anything, Positive and Negative. My role has few aspects which people may not like being in it. They can be:

Working hours (as mentioned, you need to stay back sometime)

Slow ROI (due to lengthy process; ideally one to one and half months)

Continuous Learning (upgrade yourself with knowledge of ongoing trends and technologies; it would not be easy for a recruiter to cope up with these changes)

Unstable Market Condition (although it is on boon and there is a high demand and supply, sometime market become stagnant and it affects your earning)

However, I believe that every job has pros and cons but you need to accept it to achieve higher goals.


What changes are you expecting in Data Science & Analytics in the near future?

Data Science & Analytics is a revolutionary field and it has new invention every week say technologies, softwares, solutions, etc. Therefore, you need to upgrade yourself with knowledge on regular intervals.


Can you please summarise your career journey?

  • +2 Stream – Commerce
  • Graduation – B.Com. Financial & Accounting Management and Human Resource Management
  • Post Graduation – MBA, Human Resource Management & Productions and Operations Management


  • Treasurer – The M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat (Jul 2008 – Jun 2009).
  • Executive at The M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Active Member of AIMS Entrepreneur Excellence Center – participated in multiple inter-college and National Business Plan Competitions including TATA Dot First Powered by NEN,etc.
  • Zonal winner of the B-Plan competition conducted by IIM-A in association with Nurture Talent Academy.
  • Won “Creative Genius of the Year” award for the year 2012 for showcasing exceptional conceptualized creativity through photography under the theme of “Creativity”.
  • Won “Best Photographer” 2012 and Runners up in 2011.


Jobs Taken:

  1. HR Intern(Aug 2013 – Sep 2013) – NewWave Computing Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.
  2. Senior Executive/Management Trainee(Aug 2014 – Mar 2015) – WaterHealth India Pvt. Ltd.,Hyderabad.
  3. Consultant( Aug 2015 – Dec 2016) – Data Science & Analytics Recruitment, Apidel Technologies, Greater Chicago Area, IL.
  4. Sr. Consultant(Jan 2017 – Present) – Data Science & Analytics Recruitment, Apidel Technologies, Greater Chicago Area, IL.



  1. PGPIB -Post Graduation Diploma in International Business Certification – 2014, AIMS, Peenya, Bangalore.
  2. Language Certificate: Basic French – 2013, AIMS, Peenya, Bangalore.
  3. Financial Accounting System [Tally 7.2] – Jul 2006 – Aug 2006, Vijay Computer Academy, Vadodara.


Future Aspirations:

PHR certified professional, Training and Development Officer and Employee Engagment Manager.


What are the skills and education required to be a Data Science & Analytics Recruiter?


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Management, HRM, Computer Science or related field.


  • Communication Skills (English and/or French)
  • Good Interpersonal and Presentation skills
  • High Patience Level
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of Data Science & Analytics
  • High Enthusiasm for learning new aspects
  • Hands on MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Go Getter Attitude
  • Able to work in Challenging Environment


What do you think potential recruiters look for in a Data Scientist/Analyst?

It is a very wide field and has no.of sub-fields. However, if we talk about a typical Data Scientist or Analytics professional in a typical manner, recruiters look for below points:

  • Educational background (bachelor’s and master’s degree)
  • Total and relevant years of work experience
  • Industry/domain knowledge and expertise
  • Hands on experience with different tools and techniques
  • Experience working on onsite-offshore model
  • Project and client management experience
  • People/team management skills
  • Current and expected compensation


How do you like to spend your free time?

Mostly reading news, watching informational programmes, movies and sports and playing strategic online games. I also travel occasionally with my beautiful wife and lovely family to peaceful and joyous places.


Who do you think should take up this Career choice?

I believe that it should be career in HRM instead Recruiting because recruitment is a very tiny part of it and you don’t need to learn any rocket science to be a recruiter; just a command on English language is sufficient and good communication skills will do.

There are few things that one should consider before electing HRM as their career:

  1. One’s area of interest in studies (it can be decided based on interest of students in learning subjects and their regular activities)
  2. Degrees can be decided based on these answer say bachelors degree in HRM/Business Management and Masters in HRM/MSW/IR, etc.
  3. Aspiration to be the HR professional.
  4. Nature of a person (One can plan for his/her role in future based on their nature).
  5. Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving ability.
  6. Communication Skills.


Any recommended resources for students who are interested in HR Professional?

Please find below few blogs and bloggers list:


What do you think everyone leaving higher secondary school should know especially those who want to be in HR position?

Below are few essential points that one should keep in mind while planning for HR as their career:

  • Should opt for different certifications to strengthen his/her profile.
  • Can opt for practical training by working as an intern or any live project in a company.
  • Take part in inter/intra college and state or national level competitions say Paper Writing, Poster Presentation, Business Simulation, Business Plan, etc.
  • Solve real time case studies to gain better understanding and developing high problem solving skill.
  • Improve communication and presentation skills by taking part in language classes or extra training classes, if needed.
  • Take part in classroom activities and be a leader as well as a team player.
  • Be with people from the same group whenever it is necessary and discuss on current trends and things happening in global market. Discuss on new technologies invented and if there is any change in current amendments or rules and regulations.


data science analyst recruiter career details and story

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