What are some good courses with good scope after 12th?

16 May comments

If you are here to find the “best course” after 12th with the “best scope” I have news for you. The best course for you depends on your interests and what you want to do with your life.

You can find a well paying job after pursuing almost any course. You just have to be so good that people can’t ignore you.

Becoming good is not easy. There is no shortcut to it. That is why many fail. So where does that leave us? All courses are good courses. That single, perfect one which fits for all does not exist. We all have different interests, motivations and goals. So choose a course according to those, not according to someone else’s wish.

Depending on your location there will be limitations in the number of career opportunities for certain career options. And in such career options only the best performers will find a job. If you don’t have the grit to become the best, stay away from such career options.


Which college?

Go to the best college you can afford to or get into, regardless the course or degree.

It will work out for you. I didn’t mean to say pursue Engineering in a good college, instead of Hotel Management in a bad college if you really want to become a Chef. There is nothing wrong with waiting an year preparing to join a good college. BCA in a good college is better than choosing B.Tech in a below average college. And a good college will make you a better person.

Choose a good location where you can get maximum exposure. Get out of your parent’s house and see the real world.

Good colleges are always a source of motivation. By good colleges I don’t mean colleges that provide 100% placement. Don’t fall for that marketing trick. If you are good enough you wouldn’t have to worry about placement. Good colleges will have good faculty and good students. They will help to build a career in the long term.

Whatever you finally decide, once you are there make the most out of it. Score at least 65%, but focus on basics and learning. Understand that at the end your skills are going to matter a lot, soft skills as well as technical skills.

Pain is temporary, skills are permanent.


Which Degree should you choose after 12th?

My analysis is like this.

  • If you are a confused and reasonably hardworking student you better choose Engineering. It can give you some real marketable skills than a normal degree. You will be in college for 4 years. Use this time to explore and figure out what you want. Don’t waste those 4 years having fun and complaining about subjects you don’t want to learn. Make sure you complete your Engineering within 4 years, with 60% marks. Internships will be an advantage. If you don’t want to continue you can move into other industries once you graduate.
  • If you want to get technical and will work really hard to solve problems then definitely choose Engineering. Make sure you complete your Engineering within 4 years, with at least 70% marks and 4 internships where you actually did something.
  • If you are really passionate about an art career (Chef, Artist, Designer etc)  and are ready to work much harder than an average Engineer, choose that art subject you want. It can take time to show the results, but when it pays off you will be really happy.
  • If you are looking towards a typical government or desk job, pursue a three year degree course in your area of interest. Work load will be less and you will get time to prepare for the competitive exams.
  • If you are looking into other professions like law, medicine, accounting etc just make sure you understand what you are getting into. It is always good to talk to professionals who are already working in that particular field to get a clear idea. Lawyers and courts may sound appealing in movies, but actual career may be different.

At the end its all about how smart you can work. So if you are interested in something, go get it.


Which course after 12th?

There are mainly two ways you can do this.

  • By exploring course and career options within your area of interest.
  • By eliminating courses and career options which you don’t want at all.

You need to know what is out there to have an interest on something. So explore as much as you can before choosing or eliminating something. Pick something that you really love. Not at all good in Mathematics? Ignore my advice to choose Engineering. Just because you love sketching you cannot become an Architect. You also need mathematical skills. But if you decide, you can always learn Mathematics.

Don’t try to fulfill your parents dreams here. If you have a dream you have to protect it. You need to prove it to them to convince them many times.

Are you interested in graphic design? Do some good sketches and show it to your parents. And tell them this is what you want !

Are you interested in Engineering and your parents want you to become a Doctor? Do a small project in your area of interest and let that help your parents to change their mind. Make complete use of the internet to find a project which you can do.

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You can write to me if you need help or look at our career explorer to explore yourself.

It is not just about the course you do, it is about what you can deliver.