College is probably the most fascinating word in India

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“College” is one of the most fascinating word in India. There is a sense of excitement and independence that comes with it. However, it is also the only time we get to create the dream life we want. Of course later on if we are not satisfied with what we are doing, we can easily change careers and pursue our passions. But it is always better to start on the best footing possible.



In college (which is usually 3-5 years of study) it is extremely important for students to understand that, if this time is wasted, at some point it will be a regret. I understand this sounds extremely preachy but this is where the reality lies. It does not mean a 10’0clock bedtime and a 4 o’clock wakeup call. It is about ensuring that we are not stagnant, but continuously moving towards our respective goals in life.

Having fun, participating in activities, networking with people, travelling, are all part of our life. We are the millennials, born on a racing treadmill of life. We will live and have it all.



In order to continuously improve, we need to hustle, banish lethargy and take all the opportunities that come our way. These should teach us about the career we are pursuing, while abiding by the harsh truth that work should always come before fun, no matter what. In order to ensure that it happens, we need to keep an eye on the competition around us. We are all competing for the same desired spots that our respective industries have to offer.

Internships are the best way to learn and secure these spots in the industry. This will helps us to get in the right environment with the right people, making us more future ready than our peers. However, more than landing in great internships it is about performing exceptional at these by creating our own brand value and name.



Another thing is, continuously showcasing our talents in our respective fields through one medium or another, be it writing, performing, making short presentations, anything. This helps in two major ways,

  1. in the process, we clear many operational obstacles that might seem daunting once we are actually working in the Industry
  2. secondly we market ourselves.


The amount of competition has drastically increased in the recent years. So it is very important we make ourselves visible in the crowd.

If we research in our colleges, we will find that the students who were continuously in contact with the industry they want to be in, have done better than the ones who were only focusing on academics.



Students should always realize that, being in company with toxic peers is way more harmful than being alone. This point needs a mention because usually the very hard working people get left behind just because of this. Toxic people means, the peers who are continuously on your back, learning from you, knowing about opportunities, learning the skills from you, grasping your methods of productivity and improving, while you stay where you are because they intentionally offer you nothing in return for your improvement. These are the parasites and this does not include the people who genuinely need your help and are grateful for it. Knowing the difference is tough. But always be aware.



A student starts laying his/her future path once he completes his 10th standard. His future depends on the stream which he choses in 11th standard. Thus it’s the duty of the school and the teachers to prepare the children to make informed career decisions.

When schools and teachers fail in this, youngsters find themselves in classes and colleges they weren’t meant to be. In this situation it is important to act responsible and not reckless. Get your degree, earn and save and then pursue that you really want to. There is a life beyond college, and you are creating that life, approach it by making yourself the best version you can be.


About the Author

Saumya Snehal is a second year Law student who is passionate about the opportunities out there to grab. She is looking forward to improve her skill-set and be a better person. Her key interests include Marketing and everything Legal.